We know that it may seem far away that one of your purposes is to insure your home, sometimes when we hear the insurers say that their products are acquired to prevent, we do, ignore. The real interest in insurance arises when there is an accident that affects close or known, for example the earthquake of September 19 in Mexico City. Until that moment, only 4% of the population nationwide had home insurance and the vast majority of them were due to the mandatory insurance required when paying the mortgage . As this figure increased by .3% in just three months from this event … It is then that we ask ourselves … Does home insurance work? If so, why do so few people have it active? And if not, why did many activate it after September 19?


What about home insurance in Mexico?

What about home insurance in Mexico?

In Mexico, hiring home insurance is not mandatory for anyone, except those who are paying a mortgage , either 100% of social, bank or combined interest. Currently, there is no marked percentage of reported incidents in Mexico that respect household damage (EYE! If they exist, but are not reported) that include damage from natural disasters, theft, fire or earthquake.

Perhaps it is for this reason that many people do not find it necessary to protect their home, until of course, the unexpected happens. While home insurance is not mandatory if it is highly recommended, since the home is a high-end investment and an increase in surplus value. That is, if you have a home, its value may increase over time, and if for any incident your property is totally or partially damaged, you would be losing your total investment if you do not have the backing of an insurer, coupled with the fact of If it is your only property you would be losing your home.


The initial question … Does home insurance work?

home insurance work?

Home insurance or home insurance is a backup in case for some reason your property suffers a theft, fire, earthquake, volcanic eruption or other natural disaster, if you ask yourself, does home insurance work? … the answer is: If it works, as long as you hire the right one, for that:

  • Make sure that the coverage you choose in effect protects your property regardless of the area where it is located
  • Try to pay a higher premium so that your deductible is lower
  • When you quote your home insurance always choose the most complete or all that apply to your region, for example: If it is seismic zone choose this coverage even if you see the possibility of this event very far away, remember that the insurance is precisely to prevent what we think far or unlikely
  • Always choose the coverages that have lower restrictions, if necessary compare the same coverage among different insurers in order to choose the best option. You can check options in our online comparator by clicking here .
  • Once you choose the best home insurance, choose the frequency of payment according to the frequency with which you receive your income so that your insurance is never inactive due to non-payment (One of the most frequent reasons why insurance does not apply coverage it’s because the payment is late or overdue)


The best home insurance

The best home insurance

Before quoting your home insurance, consider the location, value and risk of your property. Sometimes it is not that home insurance does not work, but that a bad product has been chosen from the beginning.

Therefore it is necessary that you know that the best home insurance is not the most economical nor the one that has the most coverage , the best insurance is the one that has the necessary coverage for the place where your property is located at a reasonable price so that in At the time of the accident you pay as deductible the least possible amount and above all the best insurance is one where

  • The insurer has an effective response time
  • The quality of service is high
  • The adjusters are ethical and answer all your questions

In conclusion, does home insurance work? … Clear! Home insurance is useful, and it works as long as you know how to choose and manage, we recommend you to rely on your insurance agent for any questions that may arise.